Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long Day

Today wasn't a good day.
I could list all the hardships, but if you are a mom you can fill in the blank.
It was all the normal motherings that were just HARD today.
Tomorrow will be a BETTER day.
How do I know?
The kids are going to bed EARLY tonight AND I AM GOING TO BED EARLY TONIGHT!!
Those two things will make all the difference in the world.
I decided to skip our small group bible study tonight in order to make this happen.
Miss you all!
I know you are enjoying great conversation and laughter as I type this.
But this household needs some sleep so we don't have a repeat day tomorrow!
It's 6:45 and all four kids are bathed and in pjs!!
I think I'll go put mine on as soon as I press publish!

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