Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm following a new blog by a pastor's wife on the east coast. They are church planters and it's been very encouraging to me. She's speaking on Mother's Day at her husband's church and she wanted help coming up with "You know your a mother if . . . " comments. She had 100's of comments and I submitted a list of 6 or more. She has all boys so I appealed to some of the "You know you are a mom of boys if . . . . " but those weren't even the ones that sealed the deal! GUESS WHAT ?? I WON!!! How fun to open an email saying I WON something! The prize is awesome too . . . a PINK FLIP CAMERA!!!!! How awesome is that!? Check out her blog and the announcement of the winner!

You may have also noticed how much easier is it to get on my blog. I have taken the password off of the login. It's now an open blog. If I begin to worry again or feel I need to I can always add it back on!

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Barbara Neff said...

Nicole, love your blog. I found it searching for business contact info for you. Congrats on winning the flip phone. YES! Going to the grocery store sans children can feel like a stolen mini vacation. You must be one busy mom with four gorgeous boys. Keep writing! Barbara Neff Neff Staffing Services Castle Pines North

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