Friday, May 22, 2009

Brother's Day

If you've followed my blog since I started you'll remember last year the boys invented a new holiday . . . BROTHER'S DAY!! We then made it an official holiday at our place . . . May 21st!!

Last night we told the boys they needed a helmet, their bike, and their brother to go on an adventure with us. (Tatum did come too.) We rode bikes to Burger Brothers for ice cream!! They thought it was cool to ride that far. (It's really called JCW's Burger Boys but since it's been opened we've always called it Burger Brother's - not sure why) We at yummy ice cream and then pedaled home! Then they each painted a picture for one of their brothers. Daddy even got in on the fun! It's fun to celebrate BROTHERS! We asked them what they like about having brothers and this is what they said.

Ian said, "Because when you don't have any friends to play with your brothers will play with you."

Carter said, " They're funny and they can build stuff, like legos."

Coleson said, "I don't want to talk about it."

I don't have a sister but I have two of the BEST BROTHERS!! I'm smack dab in the middle, one two years older, and one two years younger! No one makes me laugh quite like my brothers!! We have a million good memories! Here's a flash from the past (I took a picture of the picture so it's terrible quality) but it's a favorite of mine!! Wow, we all look young - - we were 18, 20, 22! Good times!! I love you boys!!


Jodi said...

Glad to see your blog site posted on sweet pea's site. Had to take a peek. It is fun to see pictures of your kids. It reminds me of my three when they were little. I miss those little guys! Come to think of it I miss you guys too!

Lisa said...

We'll have to start celebrating Sisters Day at our house! What a fun idea!

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