Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!! We had a FIRST this year . . . it's the first time we didn't go to church on Easter. We went to this lovely place instead . . . . I think God was there too! Some good friends of ours invited us to join them at their time share at Bear Lake. We had a great time, it was nice to get away, be out in God's beauty and have fun as a family with friends! I was missing my family terribly since they were all together so it was nice to have our own activities going on!!

We did all the normal Easter activities . . . read the Easter story to the kids Easter morning, egg dying, egg hunting and good eating, AND then we added some things to the festivities this year . . . . . lots of SWIMMING in the indoor pool, a game of tennis, board games, and movie nights! THANKS Melissa and Curt for the invite . . . we love your family!! (They have three boys so our families mesh well!)

Jason did a little Karate Kid scene for us!

This is some of the YUMMY food I was talking about . . . made this recipe for the first time. I got it off of a friend's blog . . . click on BAKED FRENCH TOAST for the recipe. (I left the crusts on, went quicker. You could totally do this for a dessert too.)

The lobby had root beer floats one evening! That's always fun!

On our way there we made several stops trying to arrive exactly at check in time. We stopped at the Air force Museum . . . Jason has always wanted to stop there. I think he'll be returning for a day by himself there. He could have read everything/ he did a great job though going through the museum "family style" ha! . . . it really was a neat place and free! Can't beat that!

We stopped at a Cheese Factory too but I couldn't take pictures . . . my hands and mouth were too full of cheese samples! Yum!!

It was a nice weekend . . . Ian has Spring Break this week and the weather man is not on my Favorite List of people . . . the forcast is rain and snow through Friday!! Seriously???? What about all my outdoor plans? We've shown the house 3 times already and a week of indoor playing doesn't really factor into my "how to keep a house clean" plan!

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