Friday, January 2, 2009

Pics from our Christmas travels!

I finally unpacked the last suitcase today!!!!

Pics from our travels . . . we went to KS first to visit my fam and then to NE to visit Jason's fam!

Glanzer Fam! My family makes me laugh so much! I love you guys! We snapped the picture in Matt and Chrissy's NEW basement! They did an amazing job finishing it.
I just love this picture of Tatum sitting on Grammy's porch, so much enthusiasm! HA!
Everyone was eager and excited to take a picture with Gramps and Grammy! This is the best we got! Ian decided to join Tatum and Avery just for fun.

Feeding Bailey was a highlight!

The boys went out on the frozen pond in Grammy's backyard. I've never done this. It scares me but it was totally frozen so Jason took them all out for a spin! I had drilled it in their head on the drive to Grammys that you NEVER go on a pond of ice without Daddy AND without Mommy saying it's okay. It was a neat experience for them.

We did find one CRACK on the ice!!

Avery and Grammy!! Isn't this girl adorable? It was so much fun getting to be around her! We live to far away!!

After three days of Glanzer fun it was off to the Quirings!! We did a photo shoot with all 23 people. We haven't seen the proofs yet but hopefully at least one of them will turn out!

13 Grandkids!! Everyone smiled for the promise of a lemon drop and gum!

It doesn't get any cuter than this! Aunt Lisa made Tatum the cutest apron!! You should see her cookin in her kitchen now!
The kids played so hard with their cousins that by night they just fell asleep wherever they were! The adult were all playing games and we looked over and Coleson had fallen asleep in the middle of coloring!!! Just couldn't finish that picture!

Here's Tatum crashing next to Spiderman (Zach)!

The girls wanted to act out the Christmas story and when they told the boys about it at dinner Ian quickly said, "I'll be the AUDIENCE!" I thought it was SOO funny. Somehow they convinced Josh and Ian to be two of the wisemen. After a long practice session I think the twins skipped out. I'm sure the boys weren't making the practice go well for the girls. After we all watched the play the two wiseman broke out in some sort of wiseman rap or something - I don't think that was in the script the girls wrote. It was funny! Josh and Ian are just the best of friends, they get along SO well. I wish they could play more often!! The Dads and Austin slipped away for some gun time! I think Austin enjoyed his time with the MEN!!

WE LOVE YOU QUIRINGS AND GLANZERS!! Can't wait till the next time!!

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Brooke said...

You have the cutest family. Looking at these pictures makes me miss you guys! Have a great new year and call us if you ever make it to Disneyland:)

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