Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have a problem . . . I want to post videos of the twins when they are in their "world". The things they say and the tones of their voices crack me up. They are always pretending to be someone or something else. They really take on the rolls. A second ago they were playing Bolt (the dog from a new movie) and the girl. Then they switched over and said, "I have to go to work" and they grabbed the tape measure and started measuring each other.

PROBLEM??? They always seem to be in their underwear/boxers. It never fails, when I think to grab the camera and video their conversations one or both of them has stripped. It's like a normal thing to walk in the house from being somewhere and not only take off your coat but just to keep stripping down!!! What will I do with them when they are 16??

Right now they are laying UNDER the Christmas tree and said, "Let's pretend we are hanging up the store ornaments." And yes they are doing it in their matching navy boxers. It's quite a site!

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